Jason is a trainer that is meticulous about technique with functional patterns of movement. ‘It’s paramount to the clients overall success to master the big 4 which include the squat, lunge, press up and pull up, essential building blocks for any training program!

Jason was fortunate enough to enjoy more than twenty years as a professional Lifeguard in Sydney Australia, Durban South Africa and Devon and Cornwall in England. People often asked why i became a professional Lifeguard, the answer was always the same…I simply wanted to help people and make a difference, nothing has changed, Personal training gives me that much needed drive to change lives for the better!

Jason provides goal orientated training which is tailored at each clients training needs. Whether it’s improving fitness levels, weight loss, building muscle, or all round toning, Jason has the ability to get the best out of his clients with his exceptional motivation, knowledge and careful fitness planning.

Flexible in his approach Jason can train you from the comfort of your own home, at the hen house gym in Kingsbridge or alternatively at a local park, fitting your training requirements in and around your current lifestyle.


  • Level 3 Qualified in Fitness, Health & Nutrition
  • Level 2 Qualified in Fitness, Health & Nutrition
  • Professional Lifeguard
  • St. Johns Ambulance – Advanced Life support
  • Casualty care management
  • ISA surf instructor


  • Health & fitness
  • Lifeguarding
  • Personal training goals and aspirations
  • Surfing
  • Long distance surf ski paddling.

“I work with people of all fitness levels. From those that have never stepped into a gym, to those looking for the next challenge.”

Jason Jackson

Tel: 07710 541769